A Quality Company

We are a Multi-national Flexible Packaging Company with plants in the USA and Asia – specializing in flexible packaging – bags, pouches, film, etc. Our products can be found in the following industries:

  • Construction & Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Food service
  • Janitorial
  • Industrial
  • Promotional
  • Clothing
  • Electronic
  • Third Party Logistics

We have an extensive history of manufacturing and exporting flexible packaging materials to various markets worldwide.  To serve our customers worldwide, we offer products manufactured in Asia with the security of paying through the United States.  However, for our North American customers, we offer the flexibility of products manufactured and purchased directly in Asia, or manufactured and purchased in the United States.

For our North American customers who choose to purchase directly in Asia, we offer our clients:

  • High quality Rotogravure printing with metal plates
  • Lead times as short as 6-7 weeks

Additionally, our USA plant will:

  • Receive imported goods
  • Clear customs
  • Arrange shipment throughout the USA
  • Provide a safe intermediary for imported goods (quality)
  • Eliminate the stress (and higher cost) of wiring your money overseas to an unknown entity
  • Provide first article samples, press checks, etc.

For our North American customers who choose to purchase our USA made products, we offer our clients:

  • Exceptional USA Made quality
  • High quality flexographic printing
  • Convenience of buying flexo plates one time
  • Lead times as short as 2-3 weeks
  • Net 30 day terms (OAC)
  • Local pick up or local delivery
  • No port delays or risk of running out of product
  • Min/Max programs to keep product in stock for JIT delivery

Although our plants in the USA and Asia offer a similar range of products – some products are exclusively made in Asia due to lower costs of labor (hand applied slider buttons and hand strung shoulder tote and backpack bags).  Please contact your local representative for more details.